Eymard’s Birthplace

69 rue du Breuil (Route Napoléon), La Mure, France [ Map ]

Nos 67 and 69 rue du Breuil, La Mure, France.
Rue du Breuil, La Mure showing Eymard's birthplace (No. 69) and the Eymard house (No. 67).
Rue du Breuil, La Mure showing Eymard’s birthplace (No. 69) and the Eymard house (No. 67).

St Peter Julian Eymard was born in a bedroom on the ground floor of a three-storey house in the main street of La Mure (at 69 rue du Breuil). The ground floor of this house is now owned by the Blessed Sacrament Congregation and is preserved as a ‘place of memory’. A museum exhibition dedicated to Eymard (Expo Père Eymard) was opened here in February 2011, during the 200th anniversary year of Eymard’s birth.

The ground floor of the house at 69 rue du Breuil, La Mure was rented by Eymard’s parents from some time after their marriage in November 1804 until circa 1815 or possibly a little earlier.

On the right of the ground floor corridor is the bedroom where Eymard was born on 4 February 1811.

His father Julien’s knife sharpening business was located in a room on the left of the corridor.

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Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard Bicentenaire La Mure
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