Eymard’s Original Burial Place

Cemetery, rear of Chapelle St Pierre-Julien Eymard
Cnr avenue du Docteur Tagnard & rue Saint-Jean, La Mure, France [ Map ]

View from the cemetery, La Mure.

Three adjoining gravestones in the cemetery at La Mure commemorate Peter Julian Eymard and his sisters.

Eymard graves, La Mure.

A memorial gravestone marks the first burial place of Peter Julian Eymard, whose grave was located in this cemetery from the time of his death in 1868 until 1877, when his remains were removed and reinterred at the Corpus Christi Chapel in Paris.

Eymard's memorial, La Mure.

In a reference to the prayer before the Blessed Sacrament that characterised Eymard’s religious life, his memorial is in the form of a prie-dieu surmounted by a monstrance. Around the monstrance is a liturgical stole, symbolic of the Cross of Christ that Eymard carried throughout his life’s mission as a priest. Resting on the prie-dieu is an open prayer book with the inscription: ‘Let us love Jesus who so loves us in His Divine Sacrament’.

Alongside, a tombstone marks the grave of Eymard’s adoptive sister Annette Bernard, usually known as Nanette, who died on 18 November 1885. Another tombstone marks the grave of Eymard’s sister Marie Anne (Marianne) who died on 17 February 1876.

There was much local opposition to the removal of Eymard’s remains from La Mure to Paris in 1877. This controversial event did not occur until after the death of his sister Marianne.

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