The Rock of Saint-Romans.

Calvary and Chapel, Cemetery grounds, village of Saint-Romans, near Chatte, France [ Map ]

A Calvary (1712) and a small stone chapel (La Chapelle du Calvaire) are located at the top of a rocky hill in the cemetery above Saint-Romans. Within the chapel, a beautiful stained glass window of recent origin depicts St Peter Julian Eymard.

During his first pastoral appointment as assistant-priest at Chatte (1834-7), Eymard began to visit the Calvary at the rock of Saint-Romans. In 1836 he had a mystical experience of grace at this site, which he later called a ‘taste of God’. The rock of Saint-Romans became a point of spiritual reference for Eymard and he returned to it many times in later life. In 1864, Eymard referred to Saint-Romans as ‘. . . my mystical rock where I could contemplate heaven in all its purity and beauty’. [Eymard to Mme Jourdan, 5 May 1864, quoted in André Guitton, Peter Julian Eymard: Apostle of the Eucharist (Ponteranica: Centro Eucaristico, 1996), 37]

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La Chapelle du Calvaire, Commune of Saint-Romans, South Gresivaudan (Official Site) [French]

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