The Eymard Bicentenary 1811 – 2011

A slide presentation compiled by Fr Jo Dirks SSS and Fr Tony McSweeney SSS
This slideshow was originally presented by Fr Jo Dirks and Fr Tony McSweeney to accompany a public talk held at St Francis’ Church, Melbourne in February 2011.

Click to view The Eymard Bicentenary online in a new window. Please wait for the presentation to load. Slides will auto-advance every 30 seconds.   To pause or change slides manually, control keys can be accessed on hover in the lower left of the viewing screen. If the presentation is paused (click II) or the forward () or backward () arrows are clicked, manual control is activated. Click the play (>) button in the centre of the control settings to return to auto-advance. Full-screen viewing available.

120 slides: 1 hour viewing time (auto).

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