In June 2018, KTO Télévision Catholique broadcast the documentary film Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard le Soleil de l’Eucharistie (Cat Productions / KTO 2018, director Armand Isnard, 52 minutes).

To view this film, click the Play button in the centre of the media player below:

The film is in French and includes optional French-language subtitles, which are activated by clicking the CC [Closed Captions] button below the player (this button will not appear until after the film has started).

To activate auto-translation of the French subtitles to English (or another language):

      1. Click the Play button to start the film and view customisation options below the player. (Note that customisation options may disappear from view as the film progresses, unless you either pause the film or hover your mouse over the lower edge or footer of the player.)
      2. Click the CC [Closed Captions] button to activate subtitles.
      3. Click the Settings (wheel) button to show a settings options menu in the player.
      4. Click Subtitles/CC to view the Subtitles sub-menu.
      5. Click Auto-translate to view the Auto-translate sub-menu.
      6. Scroll down the Auto-translate sub-menu, then click your preferred language (e.g., English).
      7. The player should now show an auto-translation of the French subtitles in your language of choice. Please note that auto-translation is produced via Google Translate and is not a perfect translation of the original French subtitles, but it will nonetheless help non-French viewers to appreciate aspects of the film in their own language.